Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dinner is Served! Swai Wrapped with Proscuitto and Arugula

Here's my dinner, Swai Wrapped with Proscuitto and Arugula! It didn't stay wrapped all that well, but I think that's partly due to the fact that the original recipe called for sole or flounder and our grocery store only had Swai.  Even looking more like a sandwich than a role, this What's for Dinner? Wednesday meal was delicious.  Plus, you know what they say-it's all going to the same place anyway! One fish roll clocks in at 150 calories so it's very guilt free and worthy of some of your favorite sides for a more complete meal. For the full recipe, click HERE>>

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What do you think of this dinner? Something you or a friend would enjoy? Not feeling the mixing of the fish and ham? Share your thoughts with a comment below: