Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tighten + Tone Tuesday: How to Perform a Dip

Another week, another Tighten and Tone Tuesday! The last few Tuesdays, I created some videos to help you set up your home gym.  Check out the first one HERE>> and the second one about selecting free weights for your home gym HERE>> .

When I help my personal training clients set up their home gyms, I always focus on solutions that work for a limited budget.  That's why I love the dip, the exercise featured in today's video.  A dip is an exercise you can perform without any equipment. All you need is a chair because you're working against your own bodyweight. This video shows three progressions for the move that targets your triceps (the back of your arms).  The video also offers an additional tip for increasing the move's intensity in between levels.

Learn how to perform a dip yourself by watching the video:

Do you perform dips as part of your current fitness routine? What do you think of the move? Share your thoughts with a comment below: