Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tighten + Tone Tuesday

Happy Tighten + Tone Tuesday! Three weeks ago I was just posting articles in this weekly spot that reviewed proper form for one exercise.  Then two weeks ago I shared my own 10 minute travel workout and last week Nicole LaBonde shared a 10 minute barre workout video.

I thought about going back to the one exercise a week idea, but then I got my new MacBook Air and I HAD to test out the video.  Now, this doesn't mean I'll do a full video every week (I hope!), but you will have a video this week and maybe next week (no promises yet, but I really love this new laptop...).

This week Tighten + Tuesday will focus on strengthening your ankles.  Not pumped yet? Your ankles are very important to ensuring you have proper form for any exercise and are just able to get around without falling everyday. So, show them some appreciation! In the video I'll review some balance exercises to help you strengthen this often forgotten area.  I'll also go over some ankle sprain rehab tips for people who may be R.I.C.E.ing it up (did that make ankle recovery sound as cool as living it up?...) like myself.

Show your ankles some appreciation tonight by trying out the balance exercises in this video (if you use your mom's favorite lace pillow, do not blame me when you get in trouble for ruining it):

Did you do your balance exercises today? Any idea why my custom thumbnail is not showing yet? Share your thoughts on this video with a comment below: