Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Twelve Days of Fitness Blog Challenge: Day One

Merry Christmas Everyone!  Today is the first day of the Fit Armadillo Twelve Days of Fitness Blog Challenge.  Every day from today through January 5th, participants will share daily workouts on their blogs in an effort to keep moving over the holidays and to get a jumpstart on their 2014 fitness goals. If you want to join in on the challenge, there’s still time! Join the Challenge through this link >>    The way I see it, the more the merrier!

Wondering what a personal trainer's workout looks like on Christmas Day? Read on:

Catherine’s Day One Workout

Usually, I’d prefer to run outside Christmas morning since it’s a workout I can complete without disturbing anyone else in the family.  (OK, OK I do also love running)! Despite the fact that it was below freezing out in Connecticut, USA where we’re celebrating the holidays, I would have enjoyed the challenge of bundling up just right.  However, I still don’t trust my bum ankle with the cold weather.  So to fit my workout in before Christmas dinner, I convinced my parents to get us into their gym which just so happened to be the only one open on Christmas Day.  Surprised? Don’t be! The gym they belong to is Anytime Fitness.  

Here’s my workout of the day:

I started out in the new back-room of Anytime Fitness, which is AWESOME. It’s set up for personal training, but since there is no training on Christmas Day I had it all to myself.  Pretty darn cool!  I was able to use a foam roller to work out some kinks before getting on the treadmill.  For my cardio workout I did a 2.5 mile run on a treadmill I had never seen before. I’m excited to check out some of the programs they have on it during my next visit.  

Anytime Fitness Training Room: My Own Gym for the Day!

After my run I did a little HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I had a real field day using all the equipment I wanted in the back.  Here are some of the items I took out: 

I completed an interval with kettlebells, the Bosu, a jumprope, TRX bands, and medicine balls. I finished things up with some ab work.  

Before I left, I couldn't resist posing with the Anytime Fitness logo runners.  I think I look a lot like them, except of course, that I have two legs. What do you think? 

I also had a lot of fun trying to write out a Merry Christmas message for you. Sadly, I only got one word spelled out in resistance bands before my private gym in the back stopped being so private.

Wishing you a


Did you work out today? Want to join the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge? Know someone who would? Leave a note with your comments and share this to spread the word! 

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  1. How fun your visiting family for the holiday, AND had your private gym time!
    My son-in law is also a runner, and like you, is waiting for his ankle to heal before doing much running!
    See you tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Dia! It was a great day :) Tell your son-in-law I feel his pain! It's hard to rest, but worth it in the end. A few weeks ago I created a video for people like him about rehabbing an ankle injury. If you think he'd appreciate the tips, I'd love for you to pass on the link: Looking forward to your posts :)

  2. That must have been pretty cool to have the gym to yourself. With January 1st around the corner, it usually will get packed for a short amount of time before they drop off. Thanks for sharing!


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