Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tighten + Tone Tuesday 10-minute Workout with Special Guest and CABARRET Creatrix Nicole LaBonde!

Happy Tighten+Tone Tuesday! Last week I shared a 10-minute do-anywhere circuit style workout that I prepared for Jennifer at Yonder Tours for my travel-loving fitness fans.  This week, I have the pleasure of sharing another 10-minute workout that travels well.  Please welcome Nicole LaBonde, Creatrix of CABARRET who has shared her Barre Fitness Workout with us below:

Here is a 10 minute, Thigh-Toning, Booty-Blasting workout from CABARRET Barre and Dance Fitness!:

There is a reason ballerinas have done the same barre exercises for 100s of years-- they work! Barre is a high resistance workout- you control your body, while working your muscles to the point of fatigue, especially your legs, glutes, and upper arms!

CABARRET class includes specific barre exercises, done with resistance, for every woman's favorite targets: abs, booty, legs (especially thighs), and arms. Barre exercises also strengthen the feet and back (high heel pain, anyone?). Barre exercises strengthen core muscles and tone and tighten your legs, especially thighs and glutes, using resistance. Work at the barre translates to long, toned legs, a tight booty, a sexy stomach!

About CABARRET Creatrix Nicole LaBonde: Nicole LaBonde wants to live in a world where all women are confident with their voices, bodies and lives. As a multi-preneur, she’s been featured in Business Heroine, Philadelphia Magazine’s BeWell Blog, and multiple blogs and ebooks on Health and Fitness topics. Currently, Nicole is applying her vast experience in these fields into a new passion, her work as a mind and body transformation coach. Her clients have found success in: weight loss, increased energy, public speaking confidence, social media marketing and more. Find out how to work with Nicole at www.nicolelabonde.com.