Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tighten + Tone Tuesday: Bid Farewell to Heart Health Month with a Test of Your Heart's Health (No Step Required!)

It's the last Tighten + Tone Tuesday of February and Heart Health Month.  If you've been away the last two weeks, don't feel bad. You can catch the reruns anytime! Last week's ode to the heart taught you a trick you'll want to do at home.  Learn it HERE>> Two weeks ago, I taught you about the Fat Burning Zone and if you need to stay in it to burn fat. Check out that video HERE>>

This week's video is short and sweet and still honors your heart.  In it you'll learn how to monitor your heart's health and your progress as you are up in the gym working on your cardiovascular fitness. You don't need a witness to get this one done.

Check out this week's tips here:

Found this video helpful? Don't forget to share it!Did you complete the test? Share your results below and come back in eight weeks to see how you've progressed! Have other thoughts? I'd love to hear them. Post your comments and questions below: