Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Diet" is a four letter word for a reason!

The word diet has four letters. Coincidence? We think not! Scrap this word from your vocabulary and start thinking about food as your fuel, carbs as your friend, and happiness as something you don't need to cut out.  There's a reason diets don't work.  Although many diets might make you lose weight, it's often at your body's expense.  Did you know that low carbohydrate and calorie diets can cause your body to digest your muscles? Sounds gross but it's true! Top it off with the fact that your muscles are one of the biggest energy (read: calorie) consumers and it would be a miracle if you did keep off any weight you lost on the last fad diet you tried. 

Now that you know failing at the latest diet craze only means you're human, you might be wondering what you CAN do to eat more healthy.  Start by checking out this awesome tool: .  It will ask you some personal questions like your weight (don't panic ladies, you can tell it your desired weight) and give you some guidelines for your daily energy needs AND where you should be getting this energy from.  Hint: carbs are encouraged!  

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We hope you get to enjoy some carbs, a little sugar, and happiness today :)