Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dinner is Served! Pumpkin Pizza Pie

Just in time for Halloween we found an AWESOME pizza recipe from our friends at the American Council on Exercise.  Usually when we share recipes with our fans, we've tried them out first.  However, when we saw this cool recipe idea a few days before Halloween we decided to take a risk and share it pre-trail run.  Well, we made this Pumpkin Pizza Pie and it was absolutely amazing!  It reminds us of a pizza version of those delicious Trader Joe's butternut squash raviolis we are so obsessed with that we have to avoid TJ's in order to not try to live off of these pasta pockets of goodness.  If you didn't make this pizza tonight, try it out tomorrow.  We think you'll love this Halloween inspired delight. The pumpkin is found in the sauce.  The original recipe uses olives and peppers and some extra cheese which we decide not to use tonight, however, these toppings can make the pizza even more festive if you use them to make a Jack-o-Lantern type face.

Did you try this pizza? If not, what are you waiting for?!  Let us know your thoughts with a comment below: 

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  1. Sounds gorgeous! Will have to try it too though I am being treated to pumpkin, pancetta and chestnut soup!


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